Restaurant Dinner Menu




TODAY’S SOUP  $4 cup  $5.25 bowl   /   BAKED ONION SOUP   $4.75 cup  $6.95 bowl

pearl COUS COUS, grilled veggies, fresh herbs

grain mustard vinaigrette & crispy eggplant croutons over mixed greens $8 VG

CAESAR  mayfair, asiago, rosemary parm croutons, skewered lemon  $7   

with grilled chive chicken $10    with crispy calamari $13

SPINACH spiced walnuts, hearts of palm, red onion, craisins, poppyseed vinaigrette

goat cheese fritter $9   V

MIXED GREENS grilled & chilled green beans, cherry tomato, roasted pistachio 

basil red wine vinaigrette, herb crostini $6 V   with grilled chicken $9


BAKED BRIE, figs, dates, golden raisins, pecans & maple, baguette $11.50 V

chipotle CHICKEN TAMALE, smoked pork-black bean ragout,

poblano cream, pico, queso fresco $10

WILD MUSHROOM, broiled GOAT CHEESE, herb flat bread $11.50 V

FLAT BREAD, roasted garlic house-made boursin, prosciutto, arugula & parmesan $8.75

CALAMARI, crispy spinach & parmesan, tomato dipping sauce $11

stuffed PORTOBELLO vegan italian sausage, ratatouille, roasted garlic hummus $9.25 VG

house SMOKED WINGS, sweet & spicy barbacoa, cilantro lime crema, creamy slaw (1#) $11

FRENCH FRIES!! house cut, truffle oil, parmesan, fresh herbs & lemon sage aioli $7.95 V


pan roasted boneless CHICKEN THIGH, creamy curry, brown rice & red bell pepper  $12.25

PORK BELLY, braised collard greens, creamy polenta, maple reduction, $9.75

three smoked carnitas TACOS, soft corn tortillas

poblano salsa, crumbled queso, side of cilantro scented white beans, fresh lime $11.75

tofu & veggie FRIED RICE, carrot, bell pepper, green onion & celery over a hard fried egg

drizzled with soy glaze & topped with fresh pea shoots $11.95 V

summer VEGGIE & LENTIL stew

button mushrooms, local squash & zucchini, scallions, red onion & kale  $11.25 VG

grilled PORK TENDERLOIN, savory bacon bread pudding,

local peach chutney, haricoverts and herb brown butter $13.25

grilled beef TENDERLOIN TIPS, rosemary red wine sauce

pomme frites, truffle aioli  $15

crispy sesame tempura wild caught ALASKAN COD, ginger carrot napa slaw 

ponzu dipping sauce $13

SHRIMP & GRITS, five cajun gulf shrimp, smoked brats, creole butter sauce

celery, bell pepper, red onion, local grits $13.95


CHICKEN POT PIE, pulled chicken, veggies & red new potatoes, simmered with fresh herbs $16

TOM’S’ SEAFOOD CHOWDER., gulf shrimp, fresh fish of the day, crawfish and bacon

hearty cream broth, potatoes, onion, julienne carrot & celery $25

pan seared north atlantic SALMON, herb cous cous, garbanzo bean hummus,

grain mustard vinaigrette, kalamata olive relish & crumbled feta $21

12oz RIBEYE, mashed red new potatoes, grilled veggie of the day

red wine reduction & roasted garlic cream $27

MEATLOAF, butter whipped potatoes, green beans, yellow onion & bacon, au jus $16

PAPPARDELLE, ozark forest wild mushrooms, spinach, red onion, roasted garlic

light goat cheese cream   $14  V   with grilled chicken $16  with four grilled shrimp $17

vegetable LASAGNA (no noodles), zucchini, carrot, egg plant, red onion

yellow squash, goat cheese & grated parmesan, baked in fresh tomato sauce $16 V

wild mushroom POLENTA fresh herbs

saute grape tomato, red onion, eggplant & kale topped with crispy greens  $14 VG

V=vegetarian     VG=vegan    

We have gluten free bread, pasta & crackers available.  Many appetizers and entrees are easily prepared to

accommodate food allergies, just ask your server