Saturday Night

*TODAY’S HOUSEMADE SOUPS chicken & rice 4 baked onion 6

*10” PIZZA  housemade roma tomato sauce, ground beef, ozark forest wild mushrooms, yellow onion & mozzarella served with small house salad or slaw 12

*SEAFOOD SALAD mixed greens tossed with basil red wine gorgonzola vinaigrette, craisins, cherry tomato & toasted pinenuts topped with maple glazed grilled shrimp  12

*OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL 13 1/2 dozen…. penn cove select, washington state

*OYSTER STEW (friday & saturday evenings) shucked oysters, potato, celery & julienne carrot simmered in a light rosemary cream broth topped with a chiffonade of baby spinach served with oyster crackers  16

*SEAFOOD PASTA  sautéed shrimp, scallop, squid & alaskan cod with fresh spinach, onion & thin sliced red bell peppers tossed with penne noodles in a light tomato basil cream  17