SqWires Lunch Specials Thursday, Feb. 18

*TODAY’S HOUSEMADE SOUPS  creamy potato topped with shredded cheddar 4 chicken, beef & shrimp gumbo served with white rice  4      BAKED ONION 6  

 *10” PIZZA  herb cream cheese, spicy ground beef, sausage,  tomato, ozark forest wild mushrooms, onion, smoked cheddar & mozzarella 12

 *OMELET red bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, squash & swiss served with house mixed greens  10

 *SEAFOOD SALAD mixed greens tossed with basil red wine gorgonzola vinaigrette, golden raisins, cherry tomato & toasted pinenuts topped with cornmeal fried oysters  12

 *JOE’S PASTA grilled chicken, chopped bacon, onion, spinach & sundried tomatoes tossed in parmesan cream  11

*SOUP & SAND  grilled triple cheese, cheddar, white cheddar & american with sliced tomato served with a cup of potato soup or gumbo & served with chips  10

*DIPITY HOMEMADE hurricane sorbet or chocolate malt, vanilla bean or cappuccino chip ice creams  4

*warm raspberry chocolate BREAD PUDDING topped with dipity vanilla bean ice cream  7