November Newsletter

01 Nov November Newsletter

November means SqWires is preparing an assortment of holiday essentials for you so that you can order your holiday feast from SqWires. Not many home cooks have time to turn out a juicy, tender 12-hour-smoked turkey. We have one for you. Or maybe you’d like a succulent fresh herb roasted free range turkey. And of course we’re making our moist and savory fennel sausage dressing as well as dressing with butternut squash, toasted pecans and fresh herbs. Add some flavorful, sumptuous, comforting chive and butter whipped potatoes, baked green beans with crispy yellow onions and wild mushroom cream, rich gravy from pan juices. And the traditional desserts are incredible house baked pumpkin pie and old fashioned house baked apple pie. Visit for more details.

Savor the month of November where life is simply more delicious – here at SqWires. Our new fall menu features Mother-Nature-Approved treats: roasted pumpkin from local growers mixed into desserts, pancakes and side dishes, free range chicken, brisket and pork artisan-smoked on the patio with apple wood, grass fed beef, fall vegetable ratatouille and cherry bourbon sauce (infused right here) to complement entrees. The beef tenderloin stew is simmered in a hearty beef broth with hand-rolled matzo ball dumplings and veggies. Come sit by the fire and warm up and enjoy.

Tuesday night SqWires Sqware Plates $5 each or six for $25 are perfect to share with friends, Wednesday half price bottle of wine with your entree is the perfect time to try a fruit-dense cabernet sauvignon or zinfandel. Happy hours Tuesday thru Friday nights is an affordable celebration with special prices on beer, wine and appetizers.

Relax and enjoy music from St. Louis favorites Thursday, Friday, Saturday night and Sunday brunch. This month’s artists include Mayor Taylor, Tom Hall, Falling Martins, Margaret Bianchetta Duo, Curt Landes, Big Bamou, Brian Curran Duo, Monica Casey, Bumblebee Bob Kamoski, Dawn Weber Duo, Pennsylvania Slim Duo, Black Diamond Duo, Bill Murphy.

Before and After Thanksgiving, come share the best of the season with us.