August is the biggest vacation month and we invite you to spend part of yours here in St. Louis at SqWires. Know as the hottest month, we have some hot and happening offerings for you at SqWires and in Lafayette Square.

Compliments of the Chef: With such an abundance of local seasonal foods, it’s time to look into SqWires kitchen to meet the man who makes the most of everything the season has to offer. Executive Chef Tim Adams serves up dishes inspired by his training at the French Culinary Institute in New York and the Italian Culinary Academy in Italy and New York; his experience working with head chefs in Alba, Italy and Chicago; his love of spices and rubs and seasonings; and his St. Louis roots growing up in a food-loving restaurant family.

August produce is nature’s bounty. We celebrate National Peach Month and Lemonade Day with our thirst-quenching peach lemonade served up an icy quart at a time in a mason jar with homegrown mint. It’s also Sponge Cake Day; you’ll love peaches sliced over Grandma Budde’s sponge cake and whipped cream.

August weekends also bring you neighborhood events for all ages; Concerts and Movies in Lafayette Park, and the Tour de Lafayette Gateway Cup races with international cyclists competing for top prizes (also some special races for the training-wheels set!) SqWires will pack up sandwiches and treats for your evenings in and around the Park and will see you at our tent for the races August 29.

Tuesday SqWare Plates are $5 dreams of wonderful dishes from the kitchen for one night only. Randy Grimm of Stray Rescue creates a surprise cocktail for you every Tuesday with proceeds to benefit the organization. You may even find your new best friend here to adopt!

Wednesday half price bottles of wine with your entree may tempt you to create your own Bellinis for your table with sparkling wine and a little fresh peach puree. Makes you want to say “We’re on a holiday!”

Thursday BBQ on the patio 5 til 10pm is your ultimate invitation to the grill. In just one visit in August you can celebrate Eat Outside Day and Bratwurst Day and sample the evening’s free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, luscious pork, and fish from our flame-loving chefs. Who knows, we may ever grill a peach or two for fun.

On Friday 5-7pm come in to “walk the brine” and observe Oyster Day at the seafood bar with fresh shucked and iced oysters on the half shell and steamed and chilled shrimp $1 each.

Saturday and Sunday Brunch 8 am til 3pm features melt in your mouth peach cobbler French toast and dozens of weekend-welcoming breakfast and lunch menu items; and of course the Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar stocked with salty, smokey, fruity, tangy, chewy, crunchy garnishes to perfectly accessorize your drink.

Tuesday thru Friday Happy Hours from 4 til 7 require no commitment, no membershep, no hassle, just pure enjoyment that’s easy on your pocketbook. Special prices on beer, wine and appetizers.

Stay connected with your family, friends and colleagues with a party, reception, business event at SqWires Annex or Front Room. Full service or buffet with hundreds of menu and bar choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails. You’ll be the season’s sensational host.

Rising Stars and Familiar Favorites entertain you at SqWires in August on Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday brunch: Pierce Crask, Fine Skyline, Tommy Halloran, Bill Murphy, Mayor Taylor, Tom Hall, Chris Griffith, Liz and Jim, Curt Landes, Margaret Bianchetta, Bob “Bumblebee” Kamoski, Bill Forness, Brian Curran Duo.